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I've set up this website in hope of finding one or two new clients for one-off jobs or long-term working relationships. Sadly, in recent weeks two of my closer working contacts lost their jobs due to "department restructuring" brought on by the current financial climate, leaving me with a large gap in my schedule. For more information on my current situtation please read my business story.

Please also take a look at my portfolio and have a read of the testimonies page to see what current clients have to say to get an idea of my recent work and find out how I can be of assistance to you.

I hope you can forgive the phrase "graphic designers in hayes | web designers in hayes" that appears repeatedly throughout the site. It's an experiment in SEO (search engine optimisation). If it works, when either of the phrases "graphic designers in hayes" or "web designers in hayes" are searched for in google, this website will appear high up in the results. This being the case, I'll mention them once more for good measure... graphic designers in hayes and web designers in hayes. That should about do it.

In recent years I've been working on a side project. I really enjoy playing board games and, being the creative type, I thought it would be fun just as much fun to design and build one. So I've recently finished doing just that. If you're interested, click here to have a look at my game called The Old Museum.