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design process
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Step 1 | theconsultation

Discuss your requirements
Contact me, by phone, email or post, to talk over your project, your requirements and ideas. I can usually get a good idea of what you have in mind from your written/spoken brief but it’s always helpful to see examples of similar projects out there that you admire, in order to pin down your ideal result.

From your brief, I will be able to give you an estimate of the cost and time it will take to complete the first draft.

Step 2 | thedraft

Take a look at the first proof
In the case of single page advertising, flyers, postcards etc. I can usually get the first draft to you within 24 hours of receiving the full brief. If it’s a larger project like a catalogue, for example, I will be sending you the draft in sections so you can keep an eye on the progress and make any early adjustments needed.

I’ll email you the draft in PDF format for you to proof and make note of any changes you wish to make. If you require a working dummy of your project I can supply this included in the quatation.

Step 3 | therefining

Perfecting the artwork
Once you’ve proofed the draft, you are now welcome to make changes as you’d like until you are perfectly satisfied with the result. Please bear in mind that only changes that match your original brief are included in the quoted cost. All other changes will be charged at an agreed hourly rate (calculated in 5 minute increments to allow for small amounts of extra work to be completed without you paying for a full hour).

Tip: You will be happier with the final cost of your project if you have a clear and precise brief, and any text you’re supplying is proofed and approved before it’s used in the draft. This will cut down on costly amends in the refining stage.

Step 4 | thecompletion

Take it to the printer!
Now you are 100% satisfied with your artwork, I will supply you or your chosen printer with the required files, and work directly with them to acheive the finished result. If you don’t have a printer in mind, I’ll do what I can to find you a reasonable quote from the printers I have a good working relationship with.