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1973 | thebiography

My name is Tim Harris, born 1st May 1973, in Middlesex, England. I’ve always been creative and enjoyed drawing, model-making, building, designing and painting.... to the point that I often spent my lunch breaks at school in the art rooms, working on projects that hadn’t even been set by the teachers.

My dad, knowing my love for design, took me to the home of his friend who was a self employed graphic designer. This guy didn’t have a computer (it was mid ‘80s) but he did have a really cool looking mechanical drawing board and a basement full of printing machines and photographic equipment which, at the age of 11, I thought was amazing! That was the moment I decided... I want to do what he’s doing!

So I’ve been designing for most of my life. I’ve painted a few pictures, one of which, called The Find, I currently sell as a Limited Edition Print mounted on canvas. I am constantly awe-struck by the animation acheived using 3D software and have taught myself 3D modelling and animation as a hobby, but do try to creep it into web design projects now and then. I think it’s difficult as a freelancer to make money in 3D animation because it’s so time consuming and computer intensive. Larger companies with teams of designers can work much more quickly and efficiently. Saying that, if you have any smaller requirements for any 3D animation, modelling or artwork, give me a call, I'm sure I can be of assistance.

I enjoy music of all kinds, skateboarding, sufing and snowboarding, though since I’ve been married, and have a young daughter, the opportunities for these interests have become less. But any glimpse of sadness for missing trips to the coast or the mountains is quickly replaced by the love of my wife and little girl.

I mentioned, in my company history, that I left my first job due to the company’s work ethic (or lack of). I believe in God, the Great Creator and Saviour, and this made working with my former bosses and their dishonesty very difficult. They did financially well from it, but I decided to use their example as a guide-line of how not to run a business. Though not even close to perfect, I hope that you’ll find my Christian values a positive contribution to how I work with you.