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There are 3 options for getting on-line with a website that will serve you and suit your budget; Pay As You Go, Bespoke or Exact Budget.

If your budget is small but you need to get on-line right-away, a Pay As You Go Website is for you. For a set-up fee of £49, you can get a full Pay As You Go Website up and running, usually within 48 hours of supplying your desired content. No need to concern yourself with hosting/domain name fees. Once your Pay As You Go Website is up and running, you will pay a monthly fee of £29 (less than 99p a day) for as long as you wish to keep your website on-line. You are not tied to your standard Pay As You Go Website - Upgrade, Buy-Out and Bespoke Addition options are available if you wish to expand at a later date.

If you have a budget of £250+, you may wish to have more control of your website and require a more unique, in-depth and interactive website. In this case you will be better-off with a Bespoke Website. Your Bespoke Website can be anything from a single page "on-line advert" to a larger e-commerce website incorporating blogs, downloads, audio, animated graphics etc.

If you know the exact budget you have available, go for option 3!

Option 1 | Pay As You Go Website

Get your website up and running in as little as 48 hours!

  • £49 setup fee and £29 p/m thereafter

  • Standard website no editing required

  • Professional design and development

  • Branded to your business

  • Free domain (Subject to availability)

  • Up to 5 pages

  • Up to 10 email addresses

  • Search Engine Optimised (SEO) URLs/ Meta tags built in

  • Submission to Google

  • Telephone support when required

  • Buy-Out, Upgrade and Bespoke Addition options available

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Option 2 | Bespoke Website

A website tailored to your exact needs!

  • As small or as large as you require

  • Professional design and development

  • Branded to your business

  • Set-up to allow you full control (CMS)

  • Hosting Set-Up and Domain Name Registration if required

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as extensively as you require
What is achievable?

  • Allow your customers to buy your products on-line with a credit card

  • Integrate a blog in your website to keep your customers up to date

  • Drive traffic to your website by connecting to Social Networking sites

  • Keep your customers informed with newsletters and subscriptions

  • Give your customers the full experience with multi-media presentations

  • Showcase your products with interactive galleries

  • Send eye-catching and effective email-shots

  • Include a Google Adwords campaign to drive further traffic to your site

... and so much more!

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Option 3 | Exact Budget Website

Know exactly how much you want to spend, and no more?

  • Tell me how much you want to spend

  • I'll tell you the very best I can achieve for your money

  • If you like the sound of it, you've got your perfect website

    for your perfect budget!

Call now! +44 (0) 20 8797 1682